Breaking free (Breaking with tradition).

The spirit of Catalan modernism, the longing to transform society, creativity used as a tool to make new forms based on academism is the spirit of Ferré i Catasús.

We believe that "The best wine is the one that you like yourself" because we believe in the free creative expression of each individual and we want the recommendation of these current blends, the traditional criteria of valuation or the wine making regulations do not limit the possibility of taking our world into new places and new horizons.

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V'inspirats Ferré i Catasús

Transforming wine tourism.

The aesthetics of the Ferré i Catasús products have been a point of reference in modernity, daring, provocation and art.

Now we want to take wine tourism a step further.

In order to support our society and to reach out to you, we wondered "What could we do from our Cellar?"

We present you "V'inspirats"; Ferré i Catasús social commitment to our society through art and culture.

"V'inspirats" is structured in three main areas: Life, love and laughter. We bring alive experiences where you are the main characters.

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