This is us. The wine brothers.

We share roots with a marvelous fruit born in the greatest land in the world.

We are passionate and we love this way of life that identifies us and makes us feel fortunate. We work on our land without forgetting our roots.

Our country house, the Masia Gustems, is a reflection of tradition and modernity, both the property and its contents. It recuperates the modernist style while adding a fresh and acractive touch, giving space to the Ferré i Catasús cellar and Sumoll restaurant.

From this combination, very personal, young and aromatic wines and Cavas are born, reflecting Ferré i Catasús's style: an open and cosmopolitan vision of the world that maintains traditional wisdom.

We like friendly conversations, the art of conversing with words and glances and we would like you to feel the beginning of a new and lasting relationship when a Ferré i Catasús wine is in your hands.

Because we believe that the best wine is the one that you like.

The Passion.

The strength of feelings

Their families did not agree, "Romeo and Juliet" had been a classic for some time and they were disinherited. Breaking the rules made them start again from scratch with strength and conviction.

Born from this courageous relationship, Josep Mª Ferré became in the 90's a prominent businessman in the food sector, together with his wife, Sònia Serrano Quetglas.

Lovers of the most modernist and cultural side of Barcelona and its history, they acquired the restaurant "Els 4Gats" and various estates in the Penedès where their ancestors had worked the vineyards in bygone days.

The most cosmopolitan and intellectual society of Barcelona captivated them leaving a deep impression that would nurture the Ferré i Catasús philosophy.

When dreams become reality

Today, their children, and in particular Lluís Ferré, carries on with the family dream, giving life and a soul to the Ferré i Catasús celler.

A soul that transmits curiosity and enthusiasm within the team, a soul that gives birth to wines with innovative aromas, breaking with tradition and opening up new paths, just as his grandparents did.

At Ferré i Catasús, we want to take wine culture further than the usual horizons and that's why we take risks, to make the world of wine grow.

The Land.

46 hectares spread throughout the Alt and Baix Penedès give us the fruit that fill the bocles of Ferre i Catasús.

At Ferré i Catasus, we are aware that we can not understand anything in depth without knowing its background. Each of our wines has the character of the plot where its grapes grow.

A meticulous analysis of our soils originates in the variety of aromas in our blends, planting memorable roots with each sip.

Alt Penedès

Alt Penedès 01 02 03

Castell del Mirall (Corral d'en Rafeques) is located in Castellet i la Gornal, with a total of 25.53 hectares of vines.

  • Soil type: sandstone, clay and stone, with river gravel.
  • 100 m. above sea level.
  • Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Xarel·lo, Syrah and Merlot.

Masia Gustems is located in La Granada, with an area of 2.09 hectares.

  • Type of soil: clay and limestone.
  • 241,8 m. above sea level.
  • Varieties: Chenin.

Cal Escudé is located in Guardiola de Font Rubí, with 15,26 hectares.

  • Soil type: clay.
  • 400-700 m. above sea level.
  • Varieties: Macabeo, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanco, Muscat de Alejandría and Parellada.

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