D.O. Penedčs

Somiatruites wine of Ferré i Catasús is a wine that represents the full force of the white wines from the Penedès region. Regarding its body, this wine has a range of flowery aromas that reminds us of nature, a magnificent trip through the marvellous lands that saw the birth of its grape; always treated delicately and with dedication.

But Somiatruites also has a strong personality. After enjoying its aroma, we discover its surprising and ideal acidity. It is low in alcohol but has charm and it is capable of creating a perfect communion for any palate and any requirement. Somiatruites is special. It is proud and self-confident. It is proud of its origins and self-confident in its evolution. The result is a persistent and modern white wine, but with essence. This wine never forgets its land, Penedès.

tasting notes