Without D.O.


“I am an inconformist by nature, I am wild and bold, I am an adventurer, an explorer, I open new paths, I am a rebel, an original, I am Tarat.”

Tarat is a surprise, a creation from Ferré i Catasús, it is a curiosity, it is fun and fresh. Tarat isn’t a wine, Tarat isn’t a Cava, Tarat is… Tarat. It is a unique combination of red wine with fine bubbles ; a perfect balance between fruit, body and freshness.

Tarat breaks the rule and carries us to unknow worlds. It can be shared in many moments, what if a nice aperitif, an informal dinner, relax moments with friends and stories to remember forever.

You need to try a Tarat to understand it.
You need to drink a Tarat to live it.
Do you dare?