Ferre i Catasús is fully aware of the great impact that COVID-19 has had on the wine industry, especially at the export level.

First of all, the real consumption of wine and cava on a global scale has declined due to the increase in the number of restaurants and snack bars in the world. However, the differential factor of this decline in consumption has been the sales channels of wine products. As it is obvious, exports to third countries have been stagnant during the months of March and April because of the virus.

Many industry events have been postponed, such as ProWein (Asia) Singapore, Vinexpo Hong Kong, ProWein Europe or Salon Gourmets in Madrid, among others. Large markets such as Xinès or Japan have been stagnant due to the pandemic, where consumers have chosen to buy only basic necessities. Besides, as a consequence of the confinement, the visits to the cellar have decreased drastically, so that one of the proposed events for this spring is also stagnant: wine tourism.

As the borders of many countries are still closed and people are confined, the industry has seen an irregular decrease (in the number of sales) . While there are countries that can already export, because the virus situation is more positive or simply because of political reasons, there are other countries (big importers) that are still in a very delicate situation.

For this reason, we believe that the best answer is to offer a quality local experience , spreading the voice of local tourism and focus on our closest customers without leaving international offers.

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 has generated completely new scenarios, and so Ferré i Catasús has continued to work as usual, with dedication and effort to guarantee our services and products to all. We believe that, although it is a difficult time to make decisions, teamwork and proximity to the client are two essential factors in the times we are approaching.

At Ferré i Catasús you will be able to relax in an open space, totally hygienic and quiet with your friends or your family. We have the Vinspirats Tent to make a more harmonious trip, the Cap de Trons room for a more academic or professional event, and we can also arrange a visit to the cellar. Finally, the Sumoll restaurant has a large dining room that you will surely love. We follow all the corresponding sanitary protocols to ensure the maximum hygiene of our products and the safety of our customers.

For more information, please contact us or visit our website, where you can see all that Ferré i Catasús has to offer!