As harvest time is getting closer, the level of work in the winery is increasing. While waiting for the best moment to pick up the grapes, we make the most of the time preparing for the 2019 harvest!

This is our pre-harvest to-do list:


Get the winery ready:

Everything has to be prepared, that means tidy and clean. These days we put on our rubber boots because we usually get soaked while cleaning the tanks. It’s also important to do an inventory of the pumps, hoses, and all the necessary material. Finally, we check on the press to make sure everything is fine after resting for so many months.

limpiando el deposito de vino

Last bottling:

It’s time to bottle all the wine in order to empty the tanks and leave them free for this year’s wine and to supply the wine shops! Remember, 2019 wine will be launched at the end of the year, at the earliest.

ultimas botellas de vino rosado

Weighbridge and harvest machine:

It’s important that the machinery is ready so there aren’t any problems during the harvest, that’s why the weighbridge is checked (all the grapes must be weighed when they arrive at the winery), and we make sure the harvest machine is in perfect shape, it’s going to be busy for the next weeks!

maquina de vendimiar


Ripeness controls. The grapes have to be harvested at their exact moment of ripeness, which means when they reach the perfect balance between acidity and sugar. Acidity provides freshness to wine, while sugar will transform into alcohol: that’s the balance we look for, and when we get this balance… it’s harvest time!

mostreig al chenin