Cap de Trons

D.O. Penedčs

“I am young, I am ecologican and vegan. I can be crazy, irrational and impulsive but deep down I care about things, I am  Cap de Trons from Ferré i Catasús.”

Cap de Trons, one of the most famous of the Ferre i Catasus personalities, fruit of the first pressing of the best  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot y Syrah grapes and since 2016 ecologic. It is an enjoyable and tasty wine, with profound aroma of wild  berries and violets. Its colour is intense, refined, solid and serious with a notable spicy acidity.

Ideal to share in gatherings, it pairs well with ripe cheese and strong meat dishes, lamb or game such as venison, wild boar and poultry are also a good reason to open a bottle Cap de Trons from Ferré i Catasús.


tasting notes