Gall Negre

D.O. Penedès

“I am an ode to the region of the Penedès, I am pride, I have a discreet beauty, I am elegance, I am distinction, I am Gall Negre from Ferré i Catasús."

Gall Negre is our interpretation of the force and variety of the wine making region that the Penedès has: we present a 100% Merlot, barrel aged, well valued and established in our region, it is also a homage to the indigenous Black Cockerel from the Penedès.

With a dark cherry colour, this wine shows an intense and very smooth palate. Spicy black fruit notes join together with the terciary aromas of the ripeness. The wine’s complexity give it the power of a certain longevity and a perfect pairing with game dishes and red meat stews.


tasting notes