Tomeu Vermouth

Without D.O.

An aromatic wine with root extracts, aromatic plants and medicinal herbs typical of the Mediterranean area.

A beautiful browny-red colour with coppery highlights.

Perfumed aroma, persistent and sweet, intense and spicy to the nose, where the notes of vanilla and cinnamon can be perfectly distinguished over a herbal base with a touch of sage, chlorophyll and rosemary and a slight note of liquorice.

Intensive to the palate, warm, sweet and clean.  Rich, spicy sensations of cinnamon and vanilla confirmed from the first notes on the nose, in perfect harmony with the tasty memories of wild herbs, especially those of chamomile and pennyroyal, over a herbal base of bay leaf and coriander.

Long aftertaste, giving a pleasant memory of a myriad of different shades of tastes.


tasting notes